You keep trying it over and over again to groom your cat. Because you know that if don’t groom him he will get knots and mats. These knots prevent freedom of movement and as well can be very painful. You know his skin can get damaged if you wait too long.

But he doesn’t want to be groomed!

So to remove these knots you reach for the scissors again, knowing that this is very risky. But you know you have to remove them, because if you don’t the knots will become mats and that will hurt your cat even more. That’s the last thing you want.

Does this sound familiar?


  • Your cat has knots and mats.
  • You cannot groom your cat, he scratches or bites you.
  • You and your cat are both stressed because of this.
Very good training for you and your cat. My cat was impossible to comb, but because of the structure and clear explanations of the program this is now no problem at all anymore..

I absolutely recommend the program!


Well, guess what?

I have good news for you.

Every cat can be taught to be groomed, even your cat.

The reason your cat does not want to be groomed is almost always fear.

Maybe you need to restrain your cat (maybe even with the help of someone else) if you start grooming him, but restraining makes it worse. Your cat may become even more scared and then he knows for sure that grooming is something terrible.

During my training years ago I also learned to fixate a cat if he was giving me a hard time, but this made me feel awful.

I also saw that the cat got even more stressed and I knew that this was not the way I wanted to groom cats. With my experience as a cat behavior therapist, but most of all by following my gut feeling, my aim was to try to get the cat as relaxed as possible. I noticed that this was so much more effective and would also be in the long term.

A cat that is held against his will, will be much more stressed out the next time he goes to the grooming salon. Even at home after the session the cat would still have a lot of stress hormones in his body.

If I treat the cat my way there will be little to no stress. At home, after the session, the cat is fine and the next time in the grooming salon he will be much more relaxed.


You too, can learn how to groom your cat


and how you do this with respect for the feelings and emotions of your cat.

It is important that you realize how it feels for your cat. Your cat will start to completely trust you and therefore you won’t do anything he doesn’t want. By gaining his trust with little steps you can make sure that in the end your cat will let you groom him, and may even enjoy it.

From now on he will be a happy, beautiful and especially healthy cat running around without those nasty knots.

Every cat deserves a healthy coat

How do you achieve this?


By following this very easy online step by step plan. In your own home, in the comfort of your cat’s living environment. You will receive all information and guidance for 8 weeks long. Every week you will receive a lesson with an assignment, that you can practice in your own pace and in the pace of your cat.


  • You will find out why your cat does not want to be groomed.
  • You will find out how your cat learns and how you can use this in the learning process of your cat.
  • You will start to understand the body language of your cat and recognize the stress signals.
  • With all this knowledge you will learn in only 7 steps how your cat can be groomed,
  • with the help of a clear step by step plan filled with explanations and a lot of video’s with examples.

I love this program!!

The structure is very good. The first lesson gives an overview of what to expect. Recognizing body language, stress signals and a background history is of course a first requirement.

It is very good that you receive one lesson per week. Otherwise you will go too fast, I am convinced that otherwise you will try to make the next step. I prefer to work a few days on the same level and then move forward rather than go too fast and then need to go back a few steps. That will not help the cat and for the owner that will be a disappointment.

I am seriously impressed with the progress Ziggy has made the last few weeks. Today I was able to groom his behind, this was absolutely impossible before this training..


So would you like to be able to:


  • groom your cat without problems?
  • improve the relationship with your cat?
  • better understand your cat?
  • have your cat completely trust you?
  • receive guidance from an experienced cat behaviour expert?
  • have no more worries about the state of you cat’s coat and skin is in?
  • have a happy cat that also looks gorgeous?
  • save money on grooming costs at a salon or veterinarian bills?

Then this is your training!

Vinny lay on his back and I could pet him on his belly. Wow! That was amazing.

Good lessons and the video’s and workbooks are excellent support to the exercises!


YES! I want this!

Payment in 2 or 3 terms is possible. Please send an e-mail if you prefer this.

kam blauw

Free comb

For the grooming you will need to have the right comb. Grooming with the wrong comb can result in a damaged coat or your cat might still not like to be groomed.

A metal comb with wide teeth is the best for your long haired cat. Are you interested to receive this comb?

Let me know when you sign up and you will receive the comb FOR FREE.

Frequently asked questions

When does the training start?

The program will be ready on July 1st and you can start immediately. But when you actually want to start is up to you.

How long is the training?

You will receive one lesson per week during 8 weeks in total. But you can set your own pace. It mostly depends on your cat. It is important that you can perform each step correctly before you move on to the next step. You will have lifelong access to the training, so you can take all the time you need

Is the training suitable for everyone with a cat that does not want to be groomed?

Yes. But it is important that you, yourself, be motivated to follow the training diligently and not go too fast if your cat needs more time.

I am not computer savy. Is the training suited for me?

The program is very easy to work with. All you have to do is to click on the links that are sent to you. if you have any questions, I am always available and I will assist you in any way.

What is an online community?

This is a private Facebook group, only accessible for participants in the PLUS and VIP program. Here you can ask questions and exchange experiences with other participants. You can help and stimulate each other. You can post pictures or video’s and show your progress if you like. There is no obligation, however, it can be very motivating if you are an active participant.

What is a weekly Q&A?

In the online community there will be a moment each week to ask me questions and I will answer them personally, so that you can move forward confidently and immediately.

I feel that this is quite an investment. Why should I follow this training?

Remember that you are investing in the health of your cat. A coat that is not kept free from knots and mats will cause not only a lot of pain for your cat, but will also damage his skin. This may cause infections or more serious conditions. Also you will immediately start saving on grooming salon costs or veterinarian bills. You will earn back the investment in no-time and save money in the future.

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