Online Training Teach your cat to be groomed in 7 steps

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The best training for you if you can’t groom your cat. If he bites or scratches you when you want to groom him. Or if he is so scared that he runs away. You want to groom your cat, because otherwise he gets knots and mats, which is very painful for your cat.

Start any moment you like, you can practice in your own pace and the pace of your cat.

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  1. Carla Harris

    Having 2 Maine Coons was always challenging trying to groom them. The one allowed everything and was rarely matted or unruly. The other had matting almost every week. She would allow me to groom her, but would wiggle and worm all the time. Forever changing which side she would lay on. Her back and under her chin were her favorite areas. However her hips and inside her hind legs was the biggest struggle. Eventually with the help of Ingrid’s program, she would allow me access to all areas and allowed the comb to flow through uninhibited and loved getting her chicken paste treat at the end.

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